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About Elevate

Our Elevate Weight Loss program is unique because we offer more than just a quick fix. Quick fixes fail and leave you unhealthier than you were to begin with. Our goal is long-term health, not just weight loss. During the program, we will work with you to discover your optimal plan for wellness success. We will guide you along the path toward a nourishing diet and increased movement for improved health. Now is the perfect time to start improving your life. We are excited to see all that you will accomplish! 

Dr. Angela Phelps oversees Elevate as the program’s Medical Director. Dr. Phelps is board-certified in Obesity Medicine and has been practicing in our community for 20 years. Dr. Phelps is passionate about whole-body wellness by offering education on proper diet and exercise to help you achieve your long-term goals.

The Wellness and Weight Loss Program Includes:

  • Weekly Semaglutide+B12 shots to supercharge your journey
  • Personalized plans designed for long-term success
  • Guidance on cultivating nourishing eating habits
  • Support to increase your movement and activity levels

Frequently Asked Questions

How will this program be different from other weight-loss options available today?

We want to help “the whole person” to make them feel better. We’re going to be helping to guide people through a good diet program for them, as well as an exercise regimen. We know that a healthy diet and exercise regimen is key to helping people be healthy and successful with weight loss, and just feeling better in general. We will be offering other help for weight loss specifically, but we want to focus more on the wellness of the whole person.

How does a patient begin the process?

Initially we do schedule a consultation that will be performed by one of our nurse practitioners or Dr. Phelps. We’ll sit down and discuss what your expectations are and what your hopes are for the program.

After that visit, we’ll talk about if you want to take medications for weight loss specifically, or whether you just need some guidance to help improve your diet and exercise regimen.

What can the patient expect?

We can give you useful information on helping with your diet and exercise, and give you some ideas on how you can improve both, but we will also be offering other treatment options that can help to make weight loss successful. We are going to be offering medications such as the new semaglutide medication, which is an injectable medication, and it has been proven to be very successful in helping people lose weight.

How does the semaglutide compound work?

The experience is variable, but most people notice a result within a couple of weeks of starting the medication. The medication is a unique medication. It works more in your gut to slow your gut motility, so most people notice that they feel “full” for longer. As the dose gradually increases, the medication crosses into your brain and controls the hormones you produce in your hypothalamus that make you hungry. It has a very unique “dual mechanism” action, and that’s why it is a highly successful medication. It really has been a game changer in the realm of weight loss.

What else can a patient expect when they are at ReDefine?

We are going to be offering some unique services at the spa to help with our wellness clinic, including the fit 3D body analyzer. You stand on a turntable, and it turns you around 360 degrees to create a representation of your body. It will also measure your body fat percentage, body mass index (BMI) and your current weight. We’ll repeat the process as you lose weight over time, and we can overlay the 3D body image images to see exactly where you are losing your weight. It’s really interesting to be able to see that you’ve lost a significant amount of waist circumference or hip circumference. It even measures your arm and leg circumference, so it will show us the differences as you lose weight.

What is the goal of the patient?

Nobody wants to be on medication forever, and we don’t expect you to have to be either. Our goal is to use the medication, if you decide to use it, for a short period of time help to lose weight. During that process, we want to guide you on improving your diet so that hopefully once you stop the medication or wean off the medication then you will not regain the weight after that.

How do nutrition and exercise play into a successful weight loss journey?

Your nutrition affects every aspect of your lifestyle. If you don’t eat good foods, you are not going to feel good. We want to make sure that you’re feeling as energetic and as happy as you can. There are so many studies that show that a poor diet can increase your anxiety and cause joint aches and pains, stomach problems and irritable bowel syndrome. There are a lot of studies say it actually can lead to Alzheimer’s disease as well. We really want to focus on getting you into a healthy regimen that will decrease your risk for all those complications. Exercise is extremely important. It helps with your mobility and your strength over time. There are studies that show that lack of exercise also leads to increased risk for things like Alzheimer’s. We know sedentary people have an increased risk for heart disease and diabetes, especially for women. If our muscles don’t stay strong as we get older, we’re at a higher risk for death because associated with immobility, as well as frequent falls. It is extremely important to get people into a healthy exercise regimen.

Who is the ideal patient for this program?

Everybody is welcome at the wellness and weight loss clinic, but certain people don’t need to do something as drastic as medications. We have certain medical criteria that we use to determine if you’re someone who does need medication, but again, everyone is welcome and we will provide guidance to anyone to help them achieve their goals.

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