Cellulite Reduction



About the Indiba Active CT8 Tool

The CT8 device, provided by Indiba, converts electrical current into a fixed stable frequency of 448 kHz, increasing ionic exchange at a cellular level which encourages tissue repair and assists in pain management. The return plate closes the electrical circuit, enabling treatments to be delivered safely and effectively. 

Product Benefits

Indiba’s clinically proven frequency of 448 kHz, provides a variety of treatment benefits that can be combined with manual therapy and other therapeutic techniques. This combination, along with clinical knowledge, helps create unparalleled results by:

  • Providing an analgesic effect
  • Increasing the volume and intensity of deep blood flow within the body
  • Raising tissue temperature
  • Increasing metabolism
  • Managing inflammation
  • Normalizing function restoring cell membrane potential
  • Stimulates stem cell proliferation
  • Achieves ionic balance

Treatment Areas

  • Full face and neck
  • Lower face (double chin)  
  • Upper face / eyes 
  • Décolletage
  • Abdominal tightening / fat reduction
  • Arms (tightening)
  • Buttocks
  • Thighs

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Indiba therapy safe?

Indiba is FDA approved and provides comprehensive training and specialist courses. 

What happens during an Indiba treatment?

Your provider will discuss why INDIBA treatment may be of benefit.

During the treatment, your provider will use conductive media on the skin to conduct the current. It is completely painless! They use either a coated electrode (called capacitive), which generates more superficial effects, or a stainless electrode (called resistive), which is a metal electrode, developing a deeper heat and targeting tissue deeper in the body.

How long do the sessions usually last?

Sessions can last anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes. 

How many sessions of therapy are necessary?

This depends on the type of treatment. Chronic conditions normally need more sessions than acute conditions. It can vary from 4-6 treatments, to more. Ask your health professional for more information.

Is there a limit to therapy sessions?

There is no limit. The number of sessions will depend on the disorder or condition to treat and its severity. 

How frequently can Indiba therapy treatments be received?

There is no limitation, but the amount will depend on the type of severity and progression of treatment. In early stages this may be very frequent. In most cases it is 1 to 3 sessions a week. 

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