Laser Hair Reduction



About the Alpha Tool

Alpha contains an 808nm diode laser and 3D IPL technology. The 5 treatment modes help deliver a safer and more effective treatment for patients. Providers can treat tanned or darker skin tones year-round, and the laser’s design can minimize the risk of hair miniaturisation. 

Laser Hair Treatment Areas

  • Lip – $35
  • Chin – $40
  • Lip & Chin – $60
  • Sideburns – $35
  • Entire Lower 1/2 Face – $90
  • Neck – Anterior – $50
  • Neck – Posterior – $50
  • Underarms – $50
  • Upper Arms (shoulder to elbow) – $60
  • Lower Arms (elbow to wrist) – $60
  • Full Arms – $90
  • Partial Bikini – $60
  • Full Bikini – $80
  • Thighs – $90
  • Lower Legs (knees to ankles) – $90
  • Full Legs – $140
  • Full Chest and Abdomen -$120
  • Chest Only – $75
  • Abdomen Only – $75
  • Full Back – $120
  • Shoulders – $60
  • Linea (lower) – $35
  • Areolas – $35

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do treatments take?

Treatment time varies depending on the individual and the size of the body part being treated. Smaller areas such as the upper lip or underarm can take less that 10 minutes, while larger areas such as the back or full legs will take up to 40 minutes.

What skin types are treatable?

The Alpha system can treat all skin types safely and effectively for hair removal.

Do ALPHA treatments hurt?

Alpha’s treatment protocols are designed to provide maximum comfort at every stage of the treatment with integrated contact cooling and 5 treatment modes. Most patients report minimal to zero discomfort.

How many treatment sessions will I need?

Your provider will determine how many treatments are right for you. However, 7 – 10 treatments are recommended depending on the type of treatment and the patient’s parameters.

How long do the results last?

Laser hair removal is considered a semi-permanent treatment. This is because some hair follicles may not be affected by the laser. However, most patients will experience permanent hair loss in most areas with stray hairs reappearing occasionally. 

When will I see results from my ALPHA treatment?

Generally speaking, some results can be seen after the first treatment, but the accumulative effect will be seen only after a few more sessions. Please note that every patient is unique and results may vary.

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