ReDefine Medical Spa


Say goodbye to unwanted hair, stubble, and razor burn. Using our Alpha tool, treat your skin with pain-free intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy that reduces and eliminates hair growth. Targeting hair at the root, IPL proves more effective than other lasers.

Rejuvenate your skin with several luxury facial and peel options. Our facial treatments help your skin look healthier and younger through exfoliation and cleansing, while our peels melt away skin imperfections. Treat your skin regularly to improve tone, texture, and boost your confidence.

ReDefine offers the latest cosmetic injections and fillers to combat fine lines and wrinkles and restore skin and face volume loss. These safe, FDA-approved treatments are noninvasive, show results within the first week, and take a few minutes to perform. 

Tighten, firm, and lift the skin around your neck, eyes, scalp, and face with microneedling. Our Scarlet SRF targets these stubborn areas of soft tissue to boost collagen and elastin for younger, healthier-looking skin.

Ready for a noninvasive way to treat cellulite? Using Indiba’s noninvasive radiofrequency tool, reducing body fat and cellulite has never been easier. Indiba rejuvenates the skin, contours the body, accelerates healing, reduces inflammation of the body, and more.


muscle contouring

High-Intensity Electromagnetic Therapy

Powered by Emsculpt, enlarge current muscles and grow new muscle fibers to create a toned and sculpted look. The Emsculpt procedure is nonsurgical and treats your abdominals, buttocks, arms, calves and thighs. 


prevention and rejuvenation

Obagi Clinical products are rooted in medical expertise with a deep understanding of skin biology and scientific rigor. Obagi has been providing trusted skin care solutions in the medical setting for physicians and patients for over 30 years.

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